From the view’s executive chef - September’s recipe of the month

From the view’s executive chef – We’re bringing back our recipes of the month, as this week mark’s the start of Zero Waste Week, we’ve put together a wholesome recipe for you to try at home.Spiced roasted cauliflower, cauliflower couscous, cauliflower puree, fried cauliflower leaves, pickled mushrooms, mushroom powder.

Ingredients: 1 x cauliflower, 2 x Granny Smith, 40g charcoal, and 100ml pressed rape seed oil.


Take leaves of cauliflower, and fry enough for garnish, the rest chop up and fry with salt and pepper and add into couscous.
Take the root out of cauliflower and add water and slowly poach you can use soya milk if wanted when cooked blitz and pass.
Take half the cauliflower and floret, pan fry with lots of colour and chill, slice the other part and dry with a little salt.
To make couscous, blitz the rest cauliflower in a robust pulse and add in a bowl, season, and add a little rape seed oil.
Boil 100ml water and put over the cauliflower and cover with cling film, to cook the couscous,
Charcoal oil adds 30g charcoal powder with salt and pepper and 90ml rapeseed bring up to boil (be careful) and chill and pass.
Assemble the dish