In early 2020 as the NHS prepared for the first wave of Covid-19 hospital admissions, all surgery across the UK was halted. Healthcare staff simply did not know enough about the virus to continue. The Royal College of Surgeons of England immediately recognised the urgent need for research and knowledge, and created a research group to investigate this newly emerging and rapidly evolving field of science. Safe Return is the official research and charity initiative of The View and the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

The College now has over fifty individual Covid-19 research projects delivering new information and advice, so that we can get surgery back to full strength as we emerge from the pandemic. These projects are happening across the UK and embracing every specialty in surgery, addressing the backlog in treatments from the last year. The College and its charity are looking into the safety and wellbeing of patients before, during and recovering from surgery, as well as the surgical teams; operating room environments and techniques; transmission and warning signs; new devices and techniques; and pure data collection.

The new learning, knowledge and techniques these research groups bring, will guide the full and safe return of surgery, for the UK and patients everywhere in the world. Please support Safe Return, urgent research into safer surgery in the Covid-19 era

For any further information about supporting the work of RCS England please contact Carol Stevenson –